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◆ Customers can according to the requirements of product configuration CPU,ROM and RAM.
◆ The real double screens show,support VGA,HDMI or LVDS two 4K decoding,double 1080P output.
◆ Double audio output,different manifestation for different audio screen.
◆ Built-in 3G/4G PCI-E socket, support various PCI-E 3G/4G module, remote maintenance, save labor costs.
◆ Ample extended interfaces. 5 USB ports ( 3 pins,1 standard USB2.0 ports ),6 extensible serial ports, satisfying requirement of variable peripherals in the market.
◆ Completed function. Supporting function of portrait and landscape mode playing, video multi-screen, scrolling caption, timing switch, USB data input and so on.
Production General Description

LX-866 commercial board plate frame come out from the plate frame of DigiCasting MBOX106GS,CPU use industrial-grade Bay Trail-I E3800 series processor from Intel,maximum is quad core design,main frequency 1.91GHz,but TDP is only 10W,has 7 years warranty..

LX-866 commercial board carries Android 4.4 OS,the user can choose single core(dual core or quad core)、8-32GB EMMC or 16G-256G MSATA、1G-4G memory bar,combining multimedia decoding, LCD driver,Ethernet,HDMI,WIFI,3G and camera in one, supporting HDMI,VGA video output,double eight bit LVDS driver. The board is very suitable for commercial and industrial interactive touch screen products.

Main Hardware Index
  Model LX-866
  Side 100.3*170mm
  CPU    Intel BayTrail -I E3815-3845  single core –    quad core 1.46GHz-1.91GHz 
  Internal Memory 2G low voltage DDR3 notebook(optional 1G、2G、4G)
  Built-in Memory EMMC 8-32G or SSD 32G-256G
  Decoding Definition Support 4K decoding,1080P output
  Operating  System Android 4.4.X 
  Play Mode support loop, timing, inter-cut and variable play modes
  Network Support 3G、Ethernet、support WiFi、wireless        peripheral extension
   Video Playing 3D graphics hardware acceleration:support  DirectX*11,OCL1.2,OGL ES Halti/2.0/1.1,OGL3.2
Hardware decoding:support H.264,MPEG2,MVC,VC-  1,WMV9,JPEG/MJPEG and VP8
  video recording Hardware coding:support H.264,MPEG2
  USB port HOST: 1 USB2.0;1 USB3.0;3 USB2.0 socket
  Serial ports 2 flow of hardware serial port 6PIN socket    and 4 socket
  Ethernet 1,10/100M/1000M self-adapting Ethernet
  SD card SD
  VGA output 1, support 1080P output
  LVDS output 1, 1080P can drive 50/60Hz LCD panel    directly
  HDMI output 1, support 1080P output
  Audio And Video  Output support left and right channels output, built-  in dual 4R/20W,8R/10W amplifier
  RTC Real Time Clock Support
  Timing Switch Support
  System Upgrade Support USB upgrade
  watchdog interrupt、reboot/255 timing interval