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产品名称:SD media player
 SD media player
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Detailed Product Description:  
Product key function:
1.Design and manufacturer in China.
2.Stable and not overheat inside.
3.Autoplay with power on, no need extra operation
4.Timer is available.
5.Support Movie or Picture+music.
6.Slim and Easy for intallation.
7.AV / VGA dual output. Competible with TVs or monitors.
8.Support different types of memory card,CF,SD.
9.With USB host function, external USB storage can be used.
10.Clock display.
11.Supporting scrollable texts
12.With Log output function,calculate the time of files playback and show billing report to your customers.
13. Allow to insert the instant videos or pictures
14. Slide show with multiple transition effects
15.Software upgrade function.
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