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产品名称:HD1080P network player
 HD1080P network player
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Detailed Product Description:  
LX-N8  high-definition digital signage is based on the network platform, has an excellent LAN and Internet management functions. The system will transfer all kinds of video and audio, motion pictures and scrolling marquee across the network to the Signage box, and then display in the terminal.
In addition to playing all kinds of advertising, but also real-time news, weather, emergency notifications, instant messages, it will delivery the most fresh information to the audiences.
1、Support network update (video, pictures, text, PPT, etc.), download to the player box local storage;
2、Support Logo picture, clock, calendar;
3、Auto power on/off;
4、According the template to display video, images, marquee and other widgets in different areas.
5、Set volume, output interface, description, etc; Via remote control or network.
6、Can set each box’s working hours and days;
7、Sync local clock with the Internet timer server;
8、Full HD 1080P;
9、Support horizontal and vertical display screen;
10、Can order single-loop programs, single sub-time programs
11、Support for remote setting timer / sleep / screen switch / restart function;
12、Directly play DMB-T/S/C and DMB-TH via SSI/SPI bus;
13、FTP support resuming download;
14、Hardware Watchdog;
15、Remote inquire the status of each box .
- High resolution reach 1080P
- Support .PPT playback
- Automatic weather forecast display
- Support web page playbck
- Accepts addtional live video input to show live TV
- Industrial 3G module can add on product optional
-Support video display with any designed background picture
- Can support irregular video playback
- Support RSS to show real-time news
- Real time monitor the playback of the screen
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