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产品名称:1080P Network player
 1080P Network player
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Detailed Product Description:  Specification:

Model Name:LX-N5G

Dimension: 224(W)x127(H)x47(D)mm

Video Format Support: MPEG1,MPEG2,MPEG4,WMV9

Graphic Format Support: JPEG,BMP,PNG

Text Banner: Variable scrolling speed and position

Video Output: DVI-I/VGA/S-Video/CVBS

Audio output: Stereo Phone jack

Storage media: CF(2GB,Optional with bigger capacity) or 2.5"HDD(40GB)
(Need to be Linux ext2 format)

Power Consumption: 5W typical,normal operation

Net Weight (kg): Approx. 1.0kg

Key function:

1.DVI output up to 1920x1080

2.Users are able to create their own layout design for background, video, picture, message, and clock.

3. It can continuously read HTML source files from Internet(web pages) graphic files from local server, then converts it into a graphic and shows it on the display

4. LX-N5G continuously reads strings from either text file or RSS URL, converts them into graphics and sends to Network Player for display

5.Users can define their own command to trigger a playlist, command interface including RS232, keypad, IR, LAN, motion detect, and GPS.

6.It allows users to define playlist for a geographic area. The G-mouse is a device receiving microwave signal from satellites and continuously provide information such as location, speed, direction, and time. With the help of G-mouse, the player will play different playlists according to pre-defined setting.




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