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 42" LCD display
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Detailed Product Description:  



* Panel size: 42inch /infared LCD screen

* Aspect Ratio: 16:9

* Max.Brightness:  550cd/m2 

* Viewing Angle :  H178/V178

* Active Area: 930.25mm (H) x 523.01mm (V)

* Max.Resolution: 1920*1080

* Dot Pitch: 0.227mm (H) x 0.227 (W)

* Panel Life: above 50000 hours

* Contrast Ratio: 5000:1

* Responsive Time: <8ms

1. Base Function
- Support Music: MP3\WMA
- Support Picture: JPG\BMP
- Card readers: CF \USB

2. Advertising Function
• Support horizontal screen/vertical screen broadcasting;

• Boot automatically looping;

• Support power memory play function;

• Support inter cut video advertisement function;

• Support timer Power On/Off function;

• Support Large hanging angle BMP icon display (similar to the TV logo play function);

• Support ultra-long scrolling marquee display;

• Support function of copy/delete directly on the player;

• Support function of update by USB;

• Auto records of display, no need any action;

• Support full screen/split screen( split screen is for option);

• Time-sharing volume;

• Max resolution is 1080P(1920*1080), 1080I(1920*1080);

• Support display with USB, breaks function;

• Display mode: singles loop, files loop, over-all loop;

• Image mode: swirling, zooming, shifting, PPT, background music;

• Audio mode: Left/Right/stereo channel;

• OSD multi-language: Chinese, English and so on;

• Support Chinese and English rolling caption;

• Perpetual calendar;

• High lightness and definition (manually adjust of lightness, contrast, color temperature and so on;

• Software update and upgrade by USB.

3. Accessories 

Key/ Screws/ Plug

English User manual

Remote Controller

4. Packing Information
Foam/ Carton

Address:20F,west bldg,Changxing plaza,Nanshan,Shenzhen